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Pro-Life Legislation Celebrated in Frankfort

DATE: February 8, 2017

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Frankfort – More than 500 people poured into the State Capital Wednesday to witness and celebrate Governor Bevin’s ceremonially signing of two pro-life bills.  One bill requires an ultrasound to be taken of a baby before an abortion is performed. The other bill prohibits abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy unless the mother’s health is in danger.  The bills were officially signed by the governor on January 7.

Pro-life leaders from across the state spoke to the crowd that overflowed the Capital rotunda.  Heather Mitchell of Lexington told the crowd she wouldn't have chosen abortion if she had seen the ultrasound of her child in 1993.  Mitchell said, “I think it really would have made a difference on the outcome of my abortion.  I feel this legislation is important for the health of women as it will allow them to make a fully informed decision.  I wasn’t afforded that privilege and I think this legislation will help empower women.”  Mitchell was the director of the Pregnancy Help Center in Richmond until last year.

Angela Minter of Sisters for Life, a street counseling ministry in Louisville, held an “All Lives Matter” sign as she participated in the event.  She said she was grateful for the new laws, but believes more should be done by legislators, “We need to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization that kills innocent lives and targets minorities.  We need people to recognize that the civil rights of babies are important as well.”

There are currently bills in the House and Senate to block tax payer funds from going to organizations or individuals that provide abortion services.  Both bills have had a first reading and have been sent to committee for hearing.




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