The Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC) is a rare jewell in politics.  Purity of motives, methods of operation and purpose characterize my experience with CPC while the people there work tirelessly for conservative, Christian views.  From candidate training sessions (from which I personally benefited), to informational meetings throughout the Commonwealth, to informational radio programming, to voter guides, to a door-to-door ground game during campaign season, the CPC is a force for good.  Conservative candidates and volunteers would do well to contact the CPC and seek advice and assistance.  I commend the Commonwealth Policy Center and its director, Richard Nelson, for all of their efforts and with confidence recommend them to others.

Jason Petrie

State Representative for the House District 16

Richard Nelson and the Commonwealth Policy Center are heroes in the never-ending battle to defend our personal liberties and traditional Christian values.  As a first-time candidate for the Kentucky House of Representatives, I found their candidate training seminar extremely informative.  The insights and recommendations of the various speakers helped me focus on the important tasks necessary to winning an election.  Richard’s monthly updates provided, and continue to provide, valuable insights into the important issues we face today. Well done, Richard!

DJ Johnson

State Representative for House District 13

The Commonwealth Policy Center is very valuable resource for any candidate fighting for the conservative cause.  They give candidates every possible tool they can to help them win and champion Christian, Conservative values within our government.  They provide candidates with everything from: Candidate Campaign Training, updates on important social and political issues, voter guides, door to door knocking, and campaign ads for endorsed candidates.  They were a pleasure to work with.  They are one of the organizations in our state that are at the forefront promoting:  religious freedom, Christian conservative values, and protecting the sanctity of life and the institution of marriage.  Richard Nelson and the Commonwealth Policy Center need to be applauded for all their efforts in helping elected strong constitutionally-minded, conservative, Christian people that will help bring God back into our country and make our state and our country great again.

Mark Hart

State Representative for House District 78

This past year, I was honored to be asked by Richard Nelson to help lead a class of new candidates through the realities of political campaigns. The experience helping these great new candidates helped me realize just how vital the Commonwealth Policy Center is to spreading the conservative and common sense message throughout Kentucky. Kentuckians are fortunate to have such a wonderful group working for the greater good. A big “thank you” them and their great work.

Kevin Bratcher

State Representative for House District 29

The Commonwealth Policy Center’s Candidate Training Program was crucial to the success of our campaign.  We literally took every suggestion, concept and idea to heart & simply put it into action.  Combining the collective thought process of what Richard Nelson brought to the table with our workable game plan lead to a decisive victory.  The intense candidate interview process helped prove our conservative mindset which resulted in an endorsement and propelled our campaign from a third party point of view.  The CPC’s resources and outreach helped out tremendously by portraying the facts of the campaign in relation to voting records and intent.  This helped educate the voters – allowing them to separate fact from political fiction.  Thus I deem the CPC a huge asset to any candidate wanting to serve with a servant’s heart – which makes the CPC a tremendous asset to the Commonwealth of Kentucky!

William Brandon Reed

State Representative for House District 24

The Commonwealth Policy Center is a wonderful resource for residents of the Commonwealth as well as for candidates as they seek public office.  The Candidate training I attended laid a great foundation for knowing how to get started and different aspects of a campaign to address.  Prior to running for office I deeply appreciated the resources they provide voters as they approach the voting booth, not telling people who to vote for but providing the information from which to make an informed choice as a voter.  I commend Richard Nelson and all those who assist him in this work.  It is invaluable in my estimation.

Melinda Gibbons Prunty

State Representative for House District 15

I appreciate the strong stance that The Commonwealth Policy Center has taken on finding and promoting Christ-Centered Conservatives.  Their efforts helped me get my message out when I was so greatly outspent by my opponent.  The people of this state and this nation are better by your efforts.

Mike Harmon

Auditor of Public Accounts

It is refreshing and most welcome to have the Commonwealth Policy Center working in our state to provide valuable information and insight on the critical issues of our day. In a media world where there are many voices which espouse views and beliefs contrary to what we read in scripture, the availability of the Commonwealth Policy Center as a media resource is a wonderful asset. Its op-ed articles are very helpful to our newspaper and, as a result, to our readers.

Chip Hutcheson

President of the National Newspaper Association

The longer I know Richard Nelson the more I appreciate his Christian faith, deep convictions, and tireless commitment to families and communities in the Commonwealth. Richard understands Kentucky values because he shares those values. And he has been a great help to people and churches all across the state who want to see our values preserved. As a fellow Baptist, I never have to wonder where Richard will stand on an issue. As a kind and thoughtful conservative, I never have to worry about how Richard will represent our people or positions. He continues to be a great help especially to those of us who are on the front lines in the religious liberty and right to life battles.

Paul Chitwood

Executive Director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention

The Commonwealth Policy Center has already begun to make a difference across Kentucky by accurately informing voters about the record and platform of candidates for public office.  Too often, the truth gets lost in the overwhelming wave of information during a campaign, yet on issues as critical as religious freedom, prayer, casino gambling and the protection of unborn children, the need for clear and concise information is that much more valuable to voters and candidates alike.  With its expertise in print, radio, web and social media, the CPC will continue to advance conservative values and shape the debate in races across the Commonwealth.

Whitney Westerfield

State Senate District 3

The Commonwealth Policy Center had a very positive impact on my race last year. I filled out their survey and my opponent chose not to. When the mailer came out with our pictures and the results of the survey it had caught the attention of a great many voters. I appreciate all the hard work the CPC and Richard Nelson does to help elect conservative candidates to office.

Richard Heath

State Representative for House District 2

Pastors and churches often find themselves at a terrible disadvantage trying to stay abreast of the rapid changes in social policy and the constant assault on our religious freedoms. While we rightly busy ourselves with the main calling of the gospel, we often fail to notice that the liberties that enable that task are being systematically eroded and even attacked. Kentuckians of faith are blessed that we have the Commonwealth Policy Center not only to inform us, but also to stand guard and defend our most precious rights and to affect change consistent with our beliefs.

Pastor Hershael York

Buck Run Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY

The Commonwealth Policy Center is the only grassroots organization of its kind in Kentucky working to elect conservative candidates and shaping conservative public policies for the Commonwealth. They had a tremendous impact on my election to the state House in 2012. Through their voter guide and endorsement, the voters clearly understood who the conservative candidate was. To top it off, CPC engages the public in a respectful and responsible way. I applaud what you are doing!

Kenny Imes

State Representative for House District 5

It has been my pleasure to work with the Commonwealth Policy Center, a true voice for conservative values in the Commonwealth. The CPC stands up to those who espouse political liberalism and articulates in a concise and understandable manner what we conservatives believe. The CPC and I share a common goal of advancing the cause of freedom and the Judeo-Christian values on which our country was founded. I strongly recommend the Commonwealth Policy Center as a source of information for those interested in the future of Kentucky.

Lynn Bechler

State Representative House District 4

I have been a fan of The Commonwealth Policy Center since it’s inception. It is an organization that supports traditional family values and courageously stands up for important social issues such as Right to Life and Religious Freedom. They have been an outspoken opponent in the fight against expanded gambling in our state. They continually provide a very valuable service in recruiting socially and fiscally conservative candidates to run for public office. I appreciate their work and look forward to the growing impact they are already making in our state.

Mike Wilson

State Senate District 32

The vigilant protection of religious liberty is a value that all of us hold sacred.  Unfortunately, for many the incremental erosion of this freedom goes ignored until there is a sea change in our laws and cultural norms.  The Commonwealth Policy Center is a watchman on the wall when it comes to alerting churches and their members to the coming behemoth I call the “marginalization of the Christian world-view”.  Having worked alongside Richard Nelson, I have witnessed his courage, commitment to Christ and his willingness to sacrifice in order to stand guard at the gate. We are indeed blessed to have this vital ministry.

Larry L. Crain

Founder and Senior Counsel for Church Law Institute, Nashville, TN

We appreciate the dedication that Richard Nelson and Commonwealth Policy exemplifies to educate our community on issues that are of the greatest importance to the now generation and the future of our country.  We must act on truth and Commonwealth Policy stays the course daily in excellence keeping the commonwealth of Kentucky’s citizens best interest their key focus.  Thankful to partner with them and recommend supporting Richard and his team.

Bridget Kehrt-Groce

Executive Director WCVK Radio, Bowling Green

Richard Nelson has been a regular monthly guest on my FEEDBACK talk show for several years.  I find him very professional in his discussions on the show.  He’s interesting and informative, and although he remains true to his conservative positions, he presents them in a spirit of good will without being unnecessarily antagonistic.  My listeners, regardless of their political or religious views, respect him for his obvious sincerity which comes across in his broadcasts.  I heartily recommend his programs.

Don Neagle

WRUS Radio station co-owner and member of KY Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame