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The Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC) is dedicated to preserving the bedrock values of life, religious liberty, marriage, and fiscal responsibility in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It affirms as stated in the Kentucky Constitution that our civil, political and religious liberties come from God.

To that end, it seeks to educate the general public, work for sound public policies, and influence elections on behalf of conservative candidates.



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Politics that leads to flourishing

Moral and social issues have been debated this election season and this give Christians an opportunity to speak to them. Some will avoid conversations about the issues, but people are still trying to find answers to the big questions of the day. What is the just and...

Early Voting Starts Today

Today is the first day of early voting for the primary election in Kentucky. Voters will go to the polls to vote for candidates vying for state House, state Senate, and Congress. A few local races may be on the ballot in your area as well. There are contested...

Governor’s Refuse Compliance with Biden’s Title IX Mandate

President Joe Biden continues to push his gender ideology agenda, which has been in the news in the last week. The Biden administration officially expanded Title IX to give status to male's who identify as females. We commented earlier that Kentucky's Attorney General...

Latest Opinion Pieces

A Conflict of Commitments: When Theology Meets U.K. Basketball

Two weeks ago, CPC’s daily radio program The Commonwealth Minute featured a story on Mark Pope, the new Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Kentucky. Our commentary was intended to be a positive reflection on the moral framework Pope will bring to the program. As a player and coach at other universities, and in recent days as he has begun his new role, Pope has demonstrated a strong and selfless character. The Minute was intended to highlight those achievements and express optimism about the future of Kentucky Basketball, one of the most prominent institutions in our commonwealth.

Red Heifers, Conspiracies, and Hope for Middle East Peace

Hamas’ terroristic assault on Israel appears to have been triggered by more than deep hatred for the Jewish state. Many believe that Israel is plotting to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild the Jewish temple in its place. According to a recent story from CBS News, a group of evangelical Christians and orthodox Jews have cooperated to import red Angus heifers from Texas into the Jewish state. Their motivations are theological: they believe that Biblical prophecy foretells the arrival of these heifers as the first presage of the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, and inaugurates the Second Coming of Christ.

Is Donald Trump the Best Spokesman for a New Bible?

Former President Donald Trump and country singer Lee Greenwood have released the God Bless the USA Bible. With a price tag of $59.99, the volume includes the King James Bible along with the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a facsimile of Greenwood’s handwritten chorus to “God Bless the USA.”