Gov. Beshear Hung in Effigy

By Staff


June 2, 2020

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  1. Sue A.

    Why didn’t you mention the State Reps who enticed this behavior? Rep. Maddox has been under fire for her racist tweets and the Ky Democrats have called for her resignation. There is a petition going around with thousands of signatures for her to resign. She has yet to denounce them as a group because they are her base. She has said the tweets while racist, homophobic and bigoted do not define her yet she clearly had lengthy discussions back and forth with individuals on twitter about each sensitive topic and to get her points across, she even highlighted her points by capitalizing certain words to make them stand out. She does not represent Kentuckians nor my values, yet the leadership of the Kentucky House and the GOP have yet to come out and condemn these tweets? Why? She needs to resign. This needs to be brought to the forefront especially when our country is burning.


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