Commonwealth Policy Center
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The Commonwealth Policy Center had the privilege of working on two of the pro-life pieces of legislation passed in the 2019  legislative session. However, the distraction of a global pandemic kept much of the needed legislation from passing in 2020. As a result, CPC is going to monitor the following bills, some new and some returning, as we work alongside the Kentucky House and Senate:

  • Pass BR 835: Constitutional Amendment on Abortion- Rep. Joe Fischer (R- Ft. Thomas) – Amends the State Constitution to make clear that abortion is not a protected right under the Kentucky Constitution. It would also prohibit the use of public funds to procure an abortion.
  • Pass the Born Alive Infant Protection Act- Sen. Whitney Westerfield (R- Crofton) – Protects children who survived a botched abortion, essentially banning infanticide.
  • Pass BR 376: Informed Consent in Minors Act- Rep. Melinda Prunty (R- Belton)- Requires signed parental consent and provision of a government-issued I.D. for a minor to receive an abortion.
  • Pass the Protect Children’s Biological Integrity Act- Rep. Savannah Maddox (R- Dry Ridge)- Prohibits parents from transitioning their children from their biological sex.
  • Pass the Save Women’s Sports Act- Sen. Robby Mills (R- Henderson) – Would ban biological males from competing in women’s sports in Kentucky.
  • Defeat BR 216: Conversion Therapy Ban- Sen. Kerr (R- Lexington) – Bans any counseling of minors to leave the LGBT lifestyle.
  • Defeat the Statewide SOGI Ordinance – Elevates sexual orientation and gender identity to civil right status.
  • Defeat the Medical Marijuana Bill – Legalizes medical marijuana in Kentucky without proper research.
  • Defeat all Gambling Expansion Bills – Legalization of gambling in casinos and gambling on professional or collegiate sports in Kentucky.

CPC is dedicated to protecting the values of the Commonwealth. We do this on a legislative level by providing key insights to the members of the State House and Senate. However, these legislators need to hear from the people they represent as well. You selected these leaders by your vote, but that is not where your influence should end.