Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

A bombshell of abuse and cover up dropped on the Boy Scouts of America last October when secret files revealed 1200 cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by Scout masters. The abuse was documented from 1960 to 1985 and occurred across the United States. The 'Perversion Files," as they're known, are strong evidence for keeping out openly homosexual leaders. However, yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced that it is considering reversing its policy on open homosexuality, perhaps as early as next week.

Corporate America appears to have succeeded in forcing the scouts to acquiesce to the politically correct position on human sexuality. Previous corporate sponsors of the BSA such as UPS, pulled out because the scout policy was exclusionary and intolerant. As tolerant and open-minded as the political left lauds the change, one needs to ask: does the proposed policy change pass the common sense test? Considering the recent history of homosexual leaders in the ranks, how many parents are likely to allow their young boys to go on camp outings alone with an open homosexual? How many troops that are connected to a church will keep their doors open? Time will tell, but should the change go through, the writing is on the wall for an organization once dedicated to God and country.

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