Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

You’re probably familiar with the Christmas story of the three wise men that visited Jesus and His family.  Remember, they were the ones that brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Did you know that Israel’s King wanted to use the three wise men to bring a quick end to Jesus?  That’s right, King Herod asked the wise men to return to him when they had found the baby Jesus so he could pay his respects to the Messiah… but his real motive was to kill him.  Well, the wise men were indeed wise and with some help from above they sniffed out Herod’s sinister plot but when he realized his plan was foiled, Herod got angry and sent an order to Bethlehem that all male babies two years old and younger were to be killed.  The challenge to end human life…and the government’s partnership in it…isn’t new.  Just as the wise men protected the valuable life of Jesus, let us be found protecting human life today as we find opportunities to do so.