Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The state of Kentucky gives its workers a half day of paid leave on Election day. The idea is to encourage civic responsibility. But if they take the leave they're expected to actually vote. However, a recent report by State Auditor Mike Harmon revealed that 1,329 public employees took the paid election leave during the 2015 general and 2016 primary elections, but they failed to vote. This dishonesty ended up costing Kentucky taxpayers $100,000 in false claims over election leave.  Harmon said "the findings… should be troubling not only to taxpayers, but to those who have fought for the right to allow all of us the freedom to choose our leaders." The report is being forwarded for further investigation and possible disciplinary action to other state agencies reminding us once again that what is done in the dark will be brought to the light, especially when the State Auditor gets involved.