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2017 Session Recap

Bills that passed:

HB 2 Ultrasound Law. Requires abortionist to provide ultrasound of the unborn child to woman seeking an abortion. Passed House 83-12 (1-5-17). Passed Senate 32-5 (1-7-17). Signed into law by Gov. Bevin on 1-7-17. Vote record here.

SB 5 Late-term Abortion Ban. Bans abortions after 20 weeks.
Passed Senate 30-6 (1-6-17).  Passed House 63-24 (1-7-17). Signed into law by Gov. Bevin 1-7-17. Vote record here.

SB 8 Defund Planned Parenthood. Passed House 75-13 (3-7-17). Passed Senate 31-6 (3-8–17). Signed into law by Gov. Bevin 3-21-17. Vote record here.

SB 17 The Student Free Speech & Religious Liberty Act. Protects the expression of religious or political viewpoints in public schools and public postsecondary institutions. Passed Senate 31-3 (2-10-17). Passed House 81-8 (3-6-17). Signed by Gov. Bevin 3-16-17
Vote record here.

HB 128  Bible Literacy Bill. Allows teaching the Bible as a public school elective course.
Passed House by vote of 80-14 (2-23-17). Passed Senate 34-4 (3-29-17).
Vote record here.

HB 520 Charter Schools Authorization. Allows only local school boards to review and approve public charter applications. Passed Senate 23-15 (3-15-17). Passed House 53-43 (3-15-17).
Signed by Gov. Bevin 3-21-17. Vote record here.

SB 159  requires high school graduates to pass a basic civics test. Passed Senate by vote of 37-1 (2-23-17).  Passed House 79-15 (3-15-17). Signed by Gov. Bevin 3-27-17. Vote record here.

Bill that crashed:

HB 58 Allow home school students to participate in public school extra-curricular activity

SB 76 Legalizes medical pot

SB 97 Requires pastors to be licensed by the state for counseling.


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