Director, Commonwealth Policy Center
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The University of Kentucky is raising in-state undergraduate students by 2.4 percent this fall. This brings the annual cost of tuition to $12,360. Out-of-state tuition will increase 6.2% to $30,680. It's also raising room and board by an additional three percent. Now that's a lot of money for kids that want to go to college. What's troubling is that since 2005, in-state tuition has skyrocketed by 112 percent. And this high cost of college makes getting a college degree extremely difficult for some. Instead of continuing to raise tuition, why not rein in high administrative salaries? As it is  UK's president Eli Capilouto makes nearly $800,000 which is close to 10 times the average salary for professors. We shouldn't be against paying people well, but when it comes at the expense of kids getting a college education it's time to rethink priorities.