Commonwealth Policy Center

Uvalde, Texas was rocked when a gunman crashed his car outside an elementary school, stormed into the building and went on a shooting rampage. Nineteen children and 2 adults were killed. This was the deadliest school shooting since 2012. Within hours of the shooting Pres. Biden called for more gun control and for political leaders to stand up to the gun lobby. But will gun control ever solve the problem of evil? The despicable act showed the world the depths of depravity of the human heart. But our society has lost categories like depravity, sin, and moral boundaries, and cannot process raw evil without some materialistic explanation or response. Many will ask, “where was God?” It’s clear that we live in a badly broken world where evil rears its ugly head. And God, well, He’s here, and may he be merciful to us and the families who are grieving.