Director, Commonwealth Policy Center
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Kentuckians expect their government to be transparent and that their dealings are open to the public. So when the most knowledgeable lawyer regarding Kentucky's open records law abruptly resigned from the attorney general's office, it raised eyebrows. Assistant Attorney General Amye Bensenhaver left her post “under considerable duress” after she was publicly "reprimanded for speaking to a journalist without permission."  Richard Beliles, head of Common Cause, questioned the AG's policies and said “I think that it is ironic that this woman is being reprimanded for speaking to a journalist when she is so closely associated with the principle of government transparency.” This is the latest setback for Andy Beshear who has lost three top-level assistants this year. The only thing that could be worse is if the AG's office continues to stifle transparency. In that case, they will suffer from a loss in credibility as well.