Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Caving to political pressure from the left, the Obama administration has approved the sale of “Plan B One-Step,” to children of any age, without a prescription.  The decision comes less than two years after the President himself voiced concerns over 10 and 11-year-olds purchasing this so called morning after pill, “alongside the bubble gum or batteries.” Call it his Plan C.

According to the cultural Left, “plan A”  in the war against “unwanted pregnancy” is to teach kids how to have “safe sex.” For years, public schools have taught children, at increasingly younger ages, about the “birds and the bees.”  Then came the contraceptive push. Health departments, Planned Parenthood, and many public schools provided free condoms and instructions how to use sundry other forms of birth control.  Now, just in case all else fails,  there is a morning after pill, a “plan B,” for children of all ages. 

Plan B is intended to protect children. At least that's what we're told. Yet, it is this very pill that is responsible for taking the lives of children at conception.  In a clever sleight of hand, Plan B advocates deny this.  They openly admit that Plan B routinely prevents implantation of a fertilized egg.  But, they contend, that is not the termination of a pregnancy, just the prevention of one. However, a fertilized egg is also known as a zygote, which is the first stage of an embryo, the first stage of a human life. This zygote is complete with unique DNA and all the genetic information of a new individual.  Hence, Plan B does indeed cause the death of a new life.

Plan B will also make life easier for statutory rapists wishing to hide the results of their crimes. Furthermore, the President himself recognized the potential danger of placing such high doses of hormones in the hands of young minors, stating, “potentially, if not used properly, [Plan B] could have an adverse effect.” There is no such thing as “safe sex” outside of marriage.  Condoms provide no protection for numerous common STDs.  Plan B provides no protection against any STDs, and is only effective roughly 50% of the time at “preventing pregnancy.”  No doubt,  the pharmaceutical companies and Planned Parenthood will benefit and rake in the cash. But shouldn't we be more concerned about children than big birth control and big pharma?

Where are the adults in the room who are willing to raise the bar? Where is talk about self-control, character and consequences for actions?   The political winds  have apparently ripped through our President’s reservations about “Plan B,” faster than a tornado can tear through America's heartland.  As a result, alongside the batteries and bubblegum, “Plan B” is coming soon to a pharmacy near you.