Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The Ark Park opened in Northern Kentucky last week and seems to be a hit with everyone. Everyone that is, except the militant atheist group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They're apparently intimidated by the life-size replica of Noah's Ark and the possibility that public schools in the region might decide to take their students to see it on a field trip. Freedom From Religion director, Annie Laurie Gaylor sent a letter to more than 1000 schools in the region, and warned them against organizing trips to the Ark. Gaylor said this “would be completely inappropriate,” and claimed it would be “an attempt to proselytize children. The public school is to educate, not indoctrinate.” For a group claiming to be "free-thinking" they spent a lot of money on postage discouraging public school children from opening their minds to Biblical truths. In response, Ken Ham and his organization Answers in Genesis, dropped public school student admission down to a buck and will allow public school teachers to enter for free.