Commonwealth Policy Center

Public school students in Eastern Kentucky saw prayer boxes in their halls at the beginning of the school year. The boxes are for students to place a slip of paper with a request for other students to pray for them. It seemed like a good idea to uplift and encourage students, but the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) didn’t think so. They said the boxes were unconstitutional, so the Pike County Schools Superintendent Reed Adkins ordered them to be taken down.  Zack Mason of East Ridge High School said “I mean, we weren’t forcing anybody to put a prayer in that locker… . I just don’t see how anybody could see anything wrong with this. It’s just a wonderful person, doing something wonderful. And it’s just somebody taking a blessing away.” AU didn’t make a case how anyone was harmed by the prayer boxes. But their actions certainly took away this tool from the students to make it easier for them to pray for one another.