Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

In the last 24 hours, Kentucky House Democrats voted to kill three bills that would protect and elevate the sanctity of human life. Another bill they supported would potentially suck the life out of many more who made it out of the womb–expanded gambling at the racetracks. This was their solution to shore up the faltering pension fund. So instead of making tough decisions like increasing the retirement age (it's only 28 years service) or requiring new state workers to put something into retirement, a majority of House legislators would rather fleece the public to pay for their non-decision yesterday. The bill looks like it will die but the idea will likely come up again in a special session later this year.

Eight Democrats on the Health and Welfare Committee killed three pro-life bills today.  Two would have given women more information prior to an abortion. The Ultrasound Bill required doctors who prematurely and purposely end the lives of unborn children to let their patients see the ultrasound of their yet to be born child. It would have also required them to explain what they are seeing. The other bill closed a loophole that abortionists exploited to circumvent actually seeing their patients before performing an abortion. It required that they meet with women in person 24 hours before the abortion instead of playing a tape-recorded message. The last life-related bill  prohibted abortion coverage in insurance plans within health exchanges. The last 24 hours has not been good for Kentucky, its women, its children or the Democratic party.