Director, Commonwealth Policy Center
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Turnout in the primary election was higher than expected. Yet, even so, only two out of 10 registered voters went to the polls to elect candidates for constitutional offices. Winners on the Republican side include: Gov. Matt Bevin, Daniel Cameron for Attorney General, Michael Adams for Secretary of State and Ryan Quarles for Agriculture Commissioner. State Treasurer Allison Ball and Auditor Mike Harmon didn't have primaries. Winners in the Democratic primary include: Andy Beshear for Governor, Heather French Henry for Secretary of State, Robert Conway for Agriculture Commissioner, Michael Bowman for the office of treasurer and Sheri Donahue for auditor. Greg Stumbo ran unopposed for Attorney General. You'll hear more of these names as they campaign for the general election. You're also likely to hear promises that many candidates will have trouble keeping. Then again, many of you already knew that.