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Planned Parenthood is back in business in Kentucky. It recently opened its facility in Louisville and is now offering abortions. Gov. Andy Beshear gave the green light to the nation’s biggest abortion provider access to Kentucky—even though the group was previously operating in violation of state law. Planned Parenthood tried to open in 2015 but they didn’t have an ambulatory service agreement with a local hospital so they were denied a license. They also illegally performed 23 abortions in 2016 and then were taken to court. Planned Parenthood has been embattled with several controversies in recent years including the procuring of baby body parts for sale, covering up sexual abuse of minors, and misuse of taxpayer dollars. The group may be doing business in Kentucky but it operates under a cloud of suspicion.


  1. Concerned citizen

    You people are sick minded. CPC claims to acknowledge GOD. Yet, supports mass murder of unborn babies, which is clearly an abomination according to both Christianity and COMMON SENSE.

    Planned Parenthood has been exposed in the selling of fetuses, which clearly is their agenda. It’s a horrid criminal operation. And as a citizen, i will not stand for it. We will advocate. And we will get Beshear removed. And we will get your organization shut down.

    • Ben Taylor

      With all due respect. I don’t think you have read any of our posts or publications. We are a pro-life organization that is against the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood. We did not endorse Andy Beshear and we are advocates of conservative Christian values. Please reevaluate your claims about what we do and support because any claim that we aren’t pro-life is inherently false. We even give out annual awards to legislators who played key roles in pro-life legislation.


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