Commonwealth Policy Center

The Kentucky state legislature is considering two bills addressing parental rights in public schools. HB 150 would require schools to give at least two weeks notice before any potentially controversial curriculum is taught in the classroom. The bill also requires alternatives for parents who object to such materials. HB 177 makes clear that parental rights are paramount and shouldn’t be infringed by the state. This bill prohibits teaching kids in grade five and below from “any instruction through curriculum or programs on human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or that any child, regardless of grade level, enrolled in the district does not receive any instruction or presentation that has a goal or purpose of studying, exploring, or informing students about gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or sexual relationships.” The bottom line is that young children should not be sexualized by our public schools. The legislation will likely get pushback from media elites and those on the far left, but it will certainly get support from most Kentucky parents, who have the most at stake in their child’s education.