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Here is an interesting response to my recent column on Orlando and the Politics of Vilification. This is from a Louisville attorney who identifies as gay and supports the idea of civility and tolerance. Quite frankly, I didn't expect this, and was moved to reprint it here in this blog. He gave us permission to use it and for his sake we chose not to print his name.

  • "I wanted to contact Mr. Nelson and thank him for his op/ed piece in the Courier Journal today. As a gay attorney, I share his dismay at the harsh response of some in the LGBT community to any response by those who have other opinions. I also find myself at odds with those in the LGBT community who so quickly attack and criticize the religious faith of others. I am dismayed by that as someone who spent two years in seminary and goes to church weekly. If the LGBT community wants respect, we must show respect. If we want fairness, we must model fairness. The internalized self-loathing of the Orlando killer had nothing to do with the Conservative movement. I have three grown children and three grandchildren and ANY parent understands what the tragic death of a child means to another parent. While I didn't make those harsh statements, I can say that I and more others than you think in the LGBT community, do not feel represented by the bullhorn crowd either. After an episode of KET tonight last year I began a conversation with Dr. H. York. I would be more than glad to speak to you as well. I thank you for sharing your views."