Director, Commonwealth Policy Center
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Just as the growth of internet gambling has grown through fantasy sports gambling, so also mobile gambling has grown.  Technically the UGEIA of 2006 prohibits such gambling, but the Attorney General’s Office has chosen not to enforce the law, so mobile gambling has mushroomed.

Casino game applications are available for Android, acquired by Google in 2005, ipad, iphone, ipod all by Apple, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.   Different games are available on the different apps, but in the US Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular games.  Money can be transferred to and from the sites by credit card through eWallet. Most apps have in excess of 30 games, some of the overseas casinos up to 100 games.  Since the federal government isn’t doing anything some states that do not allow gambling are taking action.

With over half the population having access to Smartphones, the market is potentially vast.  Most of the British and European mobile apps accept US players.  Most of the major US casinos now have mobile apps.  Mobile technology is considered the next frontier of internet gambling.  By 2009 the US apps gross revenue was $4.6 billion.  Global gross revenue is expected to reach $48 billion this year.

The only drag on growth is that you need credit cards to play, but most people can get a new one when the old one is maxed out.  I have read of players with 20 maxed out cards, through lying on the applications.