Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

If ever there were a sign that respect for the institution of marriage has dwindled and that our perception of sexuality is running amok, it is the sheer number of men whose names have now surfaced as adulterers thanks to the Ashley Madison hack. The impact of the names released via the hack has reach staggering proportions. Christianity Today blogger Ed Stetzer estimated as many 400 church leaders would be resigning because their names appeared on the leaked list. Divorce lawyers are fielding more calls than usual. Suicides have even been linked to the names being exposed. In the end, though, this hack may be more blessing than curse. Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman has already stepped down, and the company's future is in severe doubt. More than that, though, men and women everywhere are being forced to examine their motives, hearts, and marriages. Through the acts of reconciliation and repentance, beauty can come from the ashes of a broken marriage, and this current crisis has the power to bring husbands and wives to a deeper understanding of their commitments to one another. There may have been 32 million names on the Ashley Madison list, but there are at least that many reasons to still believe in the covenant of marriage.