Commonwealth Policy Center

After a recent string of mass shootings there are new calls for more gun control laws, including by Pres. Biden. In Colorado and Virginia—gunmen have gone on shooting sprees and taken innocent lives. In Colorado, a man killed five people at a gay nightclub. In Virginia, a former University of Virginia football player shot 5 of his former teammates, killing 3. A Walmart manager in Norfolk, Virginia killed six of his coworkers. Such violence is sad and reveals the depths of human depravity. But is restricting guns from law-aiding citizens the answer? There are about 77 million gun owners in America, and the vast majority of them are peaceful. Many have guns for self protection. And many have used guns to stop violent criminals in the past year. We just don’t hear about these cases very often. Supporters of the 2nd Amendment say that disarming Americans takes away a Constitutional right to defend ourselves and, in the end, makes us more vulnerable.