Commonwealth Policy Center

The culture war over controversial books in America’s libraries has arrived in Oldham County, where the library features LGBTQ children’s books. Titles include “Queer Ducks,” which is about homosexual animals, and “Different for Boys,” a gay love story about high school boys. According to the library, these books make all children feel “represented” and “safe.” But is this “safe” and “normal” content for children? If anything, they’re lies clothed in the language of affirmation. Louisville Courier Journal columnist Joe Gerth insists that “in the end, it’s still about ducks. And doodlebugs. And fruit flies. And bonobos.” But, as Oldham County parents are realizing, it’s not just about ducks. It’s about the innocence of our children, the decency of our society, and the truthfulness of what children are reading.