Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Dear editor,

I’m writing in response to your story about Rep. David Watkins defeating James Buckmaster in the Democratic primary. Rep. Watkins was reported to be happy with the victory except with some of the mailers that went out.

The Commonwealth Policy PAC takes credit for one of the mailers. Our voter guide distinguished the candidates based on voting records and responses to a questionnaire.  It was not “misleading” as Rep. Watkins charged. Nor was it meant to attack. Instead, it focused on important social and moral issues like protecting the sanctity of life, marriage between one man and one woman, and opposition to gambling expansion. We thought voters would like to know how Rep. Watkins voted on these issues.

All representatives should be proud of their positions and votes once in office.  After all, we are proud of providing factual, well-documented information about legislative votes and see this as a public service. The Commonwealth Policy PAC takes full responsibility for producing information that most voters have neither the time nor resources to track down for themselves. The question remains whether Rep. Watkins will take responsibility for his voting record in Frankfort.

Very sincerely yours,

Richard Nelson
Executive Director
Commonwealth Policy PAC