Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Remember those old hidden camera commercials where the caffeinated coffee was switched out for the decaf? Or how about old episodes of Candid Camera? On a more serious note, who hasn't watched a hidden camera report on 20/20 or Dateline? Apparently, if hidden cameras are used for our entertainment somehow, they're okay. If they are used to expose baby body parts and organs being sold by a government-funded organization, however, they are not welcome. At least, that was the opinion of the Los Angeles Superior Court this past week, as it issued a temporary restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress, prohibiting the group from releasing any more videos of StemPress officials discussing the harvesting of aborted infant body parts for Planned Parenthood. Since a government-appointed court just opted to defend government funding of organ harvesting from the bodies of dead babies, free speech rights have clearly been violated. Plus, the fact that the government seems to be more concerned with protecting this practice than protecting the lives of unborn children is chilling and disturbing. Hopefully, this is not a precursor to how the federal government itself will treat this issue. This is more serious than someone being scammed or having a practical joke played on them or getting the wrong coffee. Let the cameras roll.