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I asked my friend Sean Perron to write about Saturday’s Planned Parenthood protest. Sean works for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He blogs atUnspoken

By Sean Perron

Friday night my wife and I shook up the car paint. Jenny took out the red and white window paint and spelled a message on the back window of our Impala. Jenny hopped off the trunk of our car and we took a couple of steps back to examine her art.

The message was fairly straightforward: “Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts.”

As we read the message on our car, we couldn’t help but be utterly stunned. It was like someone threw cold water on us in the middle of the night. This is actually happening. There is a facility called “Planned Parenthood” where “doctors” cut up women’s children and sell them on market.
Not to mention the fact that the American government approves it.

I woke up early to drive to the only Planned Parenthood facility in our city. Jenny and I had made five homemade signs calling for government officials to take action against this atrocity. We stood among 550 like-minded people who were peacefully protesting. A handful of designated leaders gave speeches on the sidewalk and there was a periodic chant that shot a burst of enthusiasm throughout the crowd.

While standing at the outskirts of the crowd, two young African American mothers approached me. They each had a couple of cute kids in strollers and were apparently out for a mid-morning walk. They looked a little perplexed by all the commotion and one of the mothers quietly asked me what was going on.

“There is a group of people here who are protesting Planned Parenthood,” I responded.
“Why? What is wrong with Planned Parenthood?” the mother innocently asked.
“They have recently been caught on video selling baby parts from aborted fetuses.”
Both of the women gasped.
“Oh no…” one responded.
“Yeah, you can actually watch the videos online. It is really intense.”
“Where can I find these videos?”
“You can google Planned Parenthood videos and I am sure they will come up.”

The mothers thanked me and quietly left the scene.

Our conversation was the first time they had heard someone question Planned Parenthood.


Perhaps even thinking about holding up a sign in a crowd that is chanting makes you feel uncomfortable. You may think it is an exercise in futility or you might have a settled conviction against it. Regardless of how you feel about this issue, I am convinced it is worth our salt.

I dedicated time to the Planned Parenthood Protest in order to raise awareness. If all else fails, the two mothers I spoke with on the street curb are now aware something is wrong. They will think twice before trusting Planned Parenthood and perhaps they will be able to watch the heart-breaking videos from the Center for Medical Progress.

Protests can shed light on some very dark subjects. Jesus never carried around a sign or chanted at a rally in Jerusalem (he just turned over tables and drove money changers out with a homemade whip), but he was in the business of exposing the darkness. The major news stations have offered minimal coverage on the Planned Parenthood issue and someone needs to be a loud voice for justice and love. My voice may be small, but it matters.

While I was at the protest Saturday morning, I couldn’t help but feel helpless. Don’t get me wrong – it was a great turn out and people were informed. But I am sobered to think about Monday morning when there will still be approximately 900 deaths in Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Even as I held my sign high I felt like we were at the mercy of others. Our government continues to support abortions. The news stations get to decide how our message will appear to the general public – if it appears at all.

But the reality is: I am at the mercy of Another. I am at the mercy of Jesus Christ.

This past week I read in the Gospel of John how Jesus stood on trial and Pilate said, “Do you not know that I have authority to release you and authority to crucify you?” And Jesus answered him, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore he who delivered me over to you has the greater sin.” (John 19:10-11 ESV)

God is in absolute control of this planet. The God who created 900 babies in the womb today will still be in control when those 900 babies are killed tomorrow by Planned Parenthood. The reality is that he will be returning from heaven to judge the living and the dead. We are all at the mercy of this God.

I went to protest because I want the God of the Bible to know that I don’t support the mass destruction of millions of babies made in His image. God certainly knows my heart, but I wanted to put feet to my conviction. I held up my paper sign because I want it to be crystal clear where I stand. I chanted and I spoke with those on the street because I don’t want to be found silent when Jesus returns.

God forbid that we be quiet about this before Jesus returns. God forbid that we forget to pray and ask Him for justice. It would be better to be hot or cold than to be lukewarm.

Participating in the protest this morning was simply one way I drew a line in the sand. There are many other ways to raise awareness and speak for the unborn. Social media, voting, sidewalk counseling, loving your lost neighbors, etc. The only question remaining is: Are you drawing any lines?