Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

After Tuesday night's special election win for Suzanne Miles of Owensboro, House Republicans etched another win in their belt, and with it, an additional seat in the House chambers. 

A long-held bastion of Democratic control, the Kentucky House of Representatives is slowly but steadily becoming more Republican, and one hopes, more conservative. 

Ryan Alessi of CN2 referred to Wedneday morning for Democrats as a "hangover," as many of within House Leadership, particularly Speaker Greg Stumbo, come to grips with their decreasing margin. Within Miles' win, Republicans stand at 46 seats in the House chamber, needing an additional five seats to become the majority party, a feat that Kentucky Republicans have rarely held. 

In truth, the ascent of Republican leadership on the state level is a trendline that many observers see as old-style Kentucky Democrats lose fondness for a party that grows increasingly more liberal on the national scale.

As political observers and as conservatives, Miles' victory signals a pleasing trend in the eyes of those who want to see Kentucky improved–its education, its pension fund, its business climate, and the list could go on. Welcome aboard, Representative-elect Miles!