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Some may be tempted to look at the relatively low numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases in Kentucky. (There are less than 1500 cases and 80 deaths) and criticize the authorities for being overly aggressive. However, public health experts project over 100,000 deaths. There will be plenty of time for post-COVID 19 analysis. However, when health experts uniformly advise that a crisis is coming, it’s wise to heed their counsel to stem catastrophe. How many families during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic would have gladly lived with daily inconvenience and economic slowdown only to have their family members spared? One of my board member’s great aunts lost four children to the Spanish flu in 1918. These children all died within nine days in the tiny Western Kentucky community of Cunningham. Altogether, 675,000 Americans died from that pandemic. Fifty-million died worldwide.


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