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Group Gathers in Louisville to Stand for Life
DATE: February 6, 2017
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Louisville, KY – Dozens of people, gathered in Louisville on Friday to voice their support for life outside the EMW Women’s Clinic, the only remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky.  Operation Save America, a ministry based out of Dallas, Texas, organized the event.  Operation Save America sets up rallies at abortion clinics across the country displaying graphic images of aborted babies.

The gathering drew people from at least six states.  Angela Minter, the Executive Director of Sisters for Life in Louisville, believes the graphic images are disturbing, but necessary in helping people understand the reality of abortion.  She relates it to the images from the civil rights movements of the 1960s, “When the media actually saw the water hoses and blacks being mistreated they saw what was actually happening to the black community.”

She believes mothers need to see what abortion really is, “I think people really need to know what’s being experienced by the child and the mothers need to know this is what the abortionists plan to do to your child.”

Minter leads a group that offers sidewalk counseling for mothers and fathers considering abortion at the EMW Clinic in Louisville.  Minter had two abortions as a young woman and now shares her personal experience with those that will listen.  She defends her work saying, “I believe you need to speak the truth, but speak the truth in love.”  She says Sisters for Life has been involved saving 600 babies from abortion.   Sisters for Life also tries to help women find the care and resources they need as they move forward in the delivery and the early stages of motherhood.