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Governor Matt Bevin believes there have been good changes in the area of life during his first year in office.  Those changes include a bill requiring informed consent for an abortion, the closing of one abortion clinic in Kentucky due to the lack of appropriate oversight and keeping a clinic from opening in Louisville because they lacked appropriate paperwork.

Bevin says his strong pro-life stance is based on his agreement with the founding fathers, “The fact is that our founders recognized, very appropriately, that government does not dictate the importance of, significance of or value of someone’s life, but that it was endowed in us by our Creator.  It is an inalienable right.”

His views of life as an inalienable right lead him to believe that those with political power have a responsibility to protect life, “It is incumbent upon those in government to protect the most vulnerable among our population at both ends of the life spectrum including unborn children.”

While Bevin says it is not his intention to disrespect those with opposing views, he will be active in enforcing current laws concerning abortion rights, “I will do everything within my power, within the confines of the existing law, to ensure that we preserve and protect human life here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”  He says because of his attention to current law, “We have indeed shut down two-thirds of the operating abortion clinics in this state by simply applying the law as it exists and that has been good for Kentucky.”

While Bevin says he does not have the authority to set priorities for the General Assembly, he believes action concerning pro-life bills will occur in the 2017 session.


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