Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The 2014 General Assembly concluded this week; and despite grand bargains on budgets, and compromises on solutions, the democratic stronghold that keeps Kentucky mired in mediocrity persists. 

A few highlights:

  • Governor Beshear lost yet again on attempting to bring expanded gambling into the Commonwealth. This marks yet another failure of his leadership and his administration, though we are pleased that the effort failed. Beshear is rightfully cementing himself as Kentucky's most pro-casino, anti-conservative values governor in decades, something even notable journalist Al Cross has mentioned. 
  • The House of Representatives failed to pass any pro-life legislation, despite the pro-life majority in the House and the Senate. Rep. Tom Burch used the power of his committee to kill all pro-life bills that would have easily passed both houses. Democracys hangs its hat upon the committeeship of Rep. Burch.
  • The Senate attempted to step in and fill the void on defending marriage, but the House failed to take up the initiative.
  • A House committee heard for the first time an invasive gay rights bill "A Fairness Bill" that promises to bring waves of anti-religious liberty sentiment to the Commonwealth.
  • Charter schools never saw the light of day.

Like other years under Democratic control, Kentucky's officials gather in Frankfort to gladhand and congratulate themselves on a job not well done. Nothing rocked the boat. No changes or real leadership exhibited. In other words, our officials persist in allowing Kentucky to stay the same.