Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Those seeking medical care are usually looking for the highest standards possible. Few people would want to visit a doctor whose office was not required to meet the most stringent of health requirements. It is odd then that new abortion laws in Texas are receiving so much opposition from the very people they are designed to protect. The state recently passed a law requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and requiring clinics to have facilities equal to surgical centers. On the surface, these would appear to be reassuring measures for those wishing to visit clinics. The law would ensure top-notch facilities and the security of knowing hospitalization would be available immediately if any complications arose. The crux of the matter for those against the law, however, is that it will most likely drastically reduce the number of abortion clinics in the state, effectively making it more difficult to have the procedure performed. The fact that people would protest a law which would actually protect their health indicates how far we will go to protect our “rights.” If the practice of abortion is to continue, better to have fewer but healthier facilities than more which could cause serious risks.