Commonwealth Policy Center

The largest picnic in the world took place on Saturday in the far Western Kentucky town of Fancy Farm, where 20,000 pounds of pork and mutton were served up, games and raffles played, and where the fiery political speeches rivaled the August heat. On the main stage, Gov. Bevin squared off against Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. Many other candidates made their cases to the voters as well. But an interesting trend that’s occurred in Kentucky will likely have a bigger impact on the governor’s race: voter registration trend. Since the 2016 election, Republican registrations increased by 12 percent (104,765). The number of registered Democrats dropped by 1 percent (9,445). Overall, Republicans have gained 174,214 registered voters since Gov. Bevin was inaugurated in 2015, compared to a paltry increase of 2,731 Democrat registrations.