Commonwealth Policy Center


CPC Statement on Amendment #2 Vote
Date: November 9, 2022
Contact: Richard Nelson –

(Frankfort, KY) – “While it appears we did not prevail on Amendment #2, we are pleased with the huge numbers of Kentuckians who voted in favor of the pro-life amendment,” said Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson. “It’s certainly not the end of the pro-life movement in the Commonwealth. We have many opportunities before us to restore a sanctity of life ethic in Kentucky and we’re grateful for all of those who engaged this good faith effort to restore a culture of life to the Commonwealth.”

As of Wednesday morning, the margin of victory was a mere 34,000 votes. Considering that the opposition raised and spent nearly $9 million to defeat the measure, the pro-life community came close to victory Nelson said. “Even though we were outspent nearly 9-1, and faced a massive misinformation campaign, Kentuckians in the majority of the 120 counties voted in favor of Amendment #2,” Nelson said. “We have nothing to be ashamed of in this worthy cause.”