Casino Coming to Oak Grove

By Staff


September 18, 2020

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The ad in the Cadiz Record says “A Whole Lotta Vegas Action – Minus the Flight.” Oak Grove Racing, Gaming, Hotel. So Vegas. So Close.” This is quite different from what we were told a few years ago, which was that Kentucky’s Horse industry needs help, that the games offered at such a place would be based on historical horse races. Not a word about Vegas Action. Yet that’s what this Churchill Downs and Keeneland venture is all about. But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. The nature of Big Gambling is to promote one thing and then do another. Win big, fill your dreams, have a life on easy street. That’s the message. In reality, casinos create losers, don’t deliver the goods for most, and some will, unfortunately, end up out on the street instead of on Easy Street.


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