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Gov. Bevin Responds to Attorney General Refusal to Defend Pro-Life Legislation

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DATE: January 11, 201

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Frankfort, KY – Governor Matt Bevin took to Facebook Live to respond to Attorney General Andy Beshear’s refusal to defend the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed by the General Assembly during the first week of the 2017 session and signed by Governor Bevin on Saturday night.


Bevin wasted no time in delivering strong words for Beshear’s statement, “Our Attorney General is under the impression that he gets to pick and choose when he does his job.  He was elected and is being paid by the taxpayers of Kentucky to defend the laws of Kentucky.”


Bevin insists that Beshear should defend the law only if it aligns with his party and their special interests, “He’s not allowed to pander to his base and for those liberal pro-abortion supporters of his and his party’s and therefore as a result choose not to defend the law of Kentucky.  That is not his prerogative and yet he has made clear that he is going to pander to liberal donors rather than you the voters.”  Speaking directly to voters he said, “You should be outraged.  You should be offended.  You should expect and demand better than that.”


He says the bill was passed a wide majority in the General Assembly, “This bill banning abortions in Kentucky after 20 weeks was passed by nearly 80% of support in the legislature including 20 Democrats.”  Bevin says the legislature’s vote reveals the will of the people, “This is something that wildly popular.  The vast majority of Kentuckians want this.  Shame on our Attorney General for playing partisan politics rather than doing his job.”


The Governor says that he has done the Attorney General’s job in the past and will continue to do so if he must, “We will do better than this as we go forward.  We will defend the will of the people of Kentucky even if we have to do it out of the Executive Branch as we move forward.”