Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

It's funny how a nation that rejected rule by monarchy is suddenly fixated on a royal birth. Yes, Prince William and his bride gave birth to their yet-to-be-named son who is now third in line to the royal throne. But why do we care? Is it because he's royalty? Or just a special baby born into a privileged class that most of us could never relate to? Whatever the reasons, the interest and drama is there.

It's hard not to follow this story and see the general and looming contradictions of how we treat the soon-to-be-born in our nation. Much of the media speculated with glee whether the child would be a boy or a girl. It made the news when ultrasound pics were released back in winter. Everyone knew it was a child then, indeed, loved the child.  So are babies in utero minus royal genes of any less value? Why is it then that there is an aversion to ultrasound availability to women in crisis pregnancies? Surely, our egalitarian society doesn't treat the unwashed masses and their unborn children differently than royalty.

The battle over that preciousness of unborn human life has gone on in our nation for four decades and the battle over ultrasound legislation has gone on for nearly a quarter of that time in Kentucky. Yet the state House has killed legislation that mandates abortionists to show women an ultrasound of their unborn child and explain what they are seeing on the screen. Can anyone explain why?