Director, Commonwealth Policy Center
Reason # 1.  If you gamble you lose money.


Reason # 2.  Gambling is not recreation.  Recreation restores.  Gambling depletes energy, resources, and induces guilt.


Reason # 3.  Gambling is addictive.  Depending upon where you live, between 1¼ % and 6 % of the residents of your state are addicted.


Reason # 4.  Gambling keeps bad company.  The most common associates of gambling are alcohol, prostitution and crime.


Reason # 5.  Gambling creates low paying jobs.  The highly touted "new" jobs replace higher paying jobs over time.


Reason # 6.  Gambling concentrates wealth from the many to the few.


Reason # 7.  The concentrated wealth is in the hands of a few who are perfectly willing to purchase influence, circumvent the law, and ignore the best interests of our society.


Reason # 8.  Gambling entices the young, who gamble without mature control.


Reason # 9.  Why should young people do the hard work of learning and working if
gambling is the way to become rich?


Reason # 10.  Gambling debts cause four of five embezzlements in this country.


Reason # 11.  Most gambling addicts have committed tax fraud, which transfers the load to those of us who are not addicted.


Reason # 12.  Most gamblers admit to committing credit card fraud which transfers the cost of those losses to all the rest of us who use credit cards.


Reason # 13.  Gambling is a major companion, if not a cause, of depression and suicide.


Reason # 14.  Assault, robbery, child abuse and other crimes increase when casinos move into a community.


Reason # 15.  Dependence upon chance undermines responsibility.


Reason # 16.  Money losses from gambling contribute to the disastrous divorce rate.


Reason # 17.  Gambling induced poverty is a drain on the rest of society.


Reason # 18.  Law makers see gambling revenues as easy money, which impairs their judgment.


Reason # 19.  Gambling is theft with the consent of the victim, but still theft.


Reason # 20.  Gambling does not bring development, except at tax-payers expense.


Reason # 21.  Gambling depresses other segments of a local economy, especially restaurants and recreation.


Reason # 22.  Industry flees to places with the least gambling.


Reason # 23.  It is extremely difficult to keep gambling out of your community or get rid of
          it even if the majority wants to, meaning gambling is anti-democratic.


Reason # 24.  Gambling is against your religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim), which means you are not taking your religion seriously if you are gambling.


Reason # 25.  You cannot teach your children not to gamble when you do it.


Reason # 26.  Gambling is an isolating activity.


Reason # 27.  There is a reason why gambling is so expensive to regulate; gamblers cheat.


Reason # 28.  Gamblers do not care about others; they are not charitable.


Reason # 29.  George Washington is more famous for his generalship than for his gambling.


Reason # 30.  Nothing of excellence has ever been produced at a slot machine.