Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

I’ve known Daniel Cameron since before he was elected attorney general in 2019. I know him to be a man of principle, where his Christian convictions inform his policy positions. He will defend free markets, First Amendment principles, the rule of law over lawlessness, and vulnerable human life. I’ve interviewed him several times and am thoroughly impressed. Cameron’s work with the state legislature shows his ability to work with other elected leaders. On the other hand, Gov. Beshear refuses to work with legislative leaders. I’m convinced that Cameron is the best choice for a better, safer, more prosperous Kentucky. 

1. Daniel Cameron will fight for religious freedom. On the other hand, Gov. Andy Beshear violated religious freedom in several ways:

  • He discriminated against Sunrise Children’s Services and refused to renew the state contract with them in 2020 unless they buckled on their religious values regarding Christian sexual ethics. Beshear backed down after a favorable SCOTUS ruling generally supported Sunrise’s position.
  • Churches were considered “nonessential” during Gov. Beshear’s Covid shutdown.
  • Gov. Beshear then sent state police to monitor churches on Easter Sunday and ticketed churchgoers. A judge found Beshear violated the religious freedom of churchgoers.

2. Daniel Cameron is committed to policies that will attract businesses. On the other hand, many legislators say they are frustrated with Gov. Beshear taking credit for economic advances when it was a Republican-led legislature that crafted policies that make Kentucky more attractive for businesses.

3. Cameron is committed to lowering income taxes. He vowed to eliminate the state income tax in a responsible way. On the other hand, Gov. Beshear vetoed an income tax reduction bill in 2022. He signed a similar bill in 2023. Beshear will not commit to phasing out the state income tax, which benefits all Kentuckians and makes our economic climate competitive with surrounding states.

4. The Fraternal Order of Police changed their endorsement to Daniel Cameron. In 2019, Andy Beshear was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. This year, Cameron won their endorsement. Cameron is very supportive of our law enforcement community at a time when many in the Democratic party were calling to “defund the police.” Cameron is calling for a state police post in Louisville, which would have helped stand against a state of lawlessness in Kentucky’s biggest city which suffered from riots, vandalism, and looting.  

5. Daniel Cameron believes in the rule of law and stood up to the mob mentality in Louisville. After following the law and after the facts were revealed, Cameron could not prosecute police involved with the tragic Breonna Taylor officers. After refusing to cave to the mob mentality, Cameron has had death threats against him and his family and scores of trespassers were arrested on his property.

6. Daniel Cameron will protect gender dysphoric children. On the other hand, Gov. Andy Beshear denied that gender transitions were happening in Kentucky. This was false, as UK’s Transform Clinic proved otherwise. Minors should never be allowed to make such life changing decisions that could render them infertile or leave them with lifelong health problems. We need a governor who will protect our children from fads and confusion. 

7. Daniel Cameron will protect women’s sports. UK All-American female swimmer, Riley Gaines, was forced to compete against a biological male. She endorsed Cameron and is campaigning for him. Gov. Beshear on the other hand vetoed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (SB 83) in 2022. This bill kept biological males in grades 5 through college off of women’s sports teams.

8. Daniel Cameron believes radical gender ideology has no place in public school classrooms. Gov. Beshear’s Department of Education pushed controversial LGBTQ and gender ideology curriculum, including the genderbread person, to public schools across the state. Gov. Beshear also vetoed SB 150 (2023), which kept gender ideology out of all grades and sex education out of grades K-5.

9. Daniel Cameron believes that males should not be in female restrooms and locker rooms. Gov. Beshear on the other hand vetoed senate bill 150 (2023) which kept boys out of girls restrooms and locker rooms in public schools. 

10. Cameron believes in protecting conscience rights of public school teachers. Gov. Beshear on the other hand vetoed SB 150 (2023), which protected the conscience rights of teachers and students who would have been forced to use gender preferred pronouns of gender dysphoric students. 

11. Daniel Cameron believes in protecting the most vulnerable among us. Gov. Beshear on the other hand, vetoed nearly every pro-life law enacted since he became governor in 2019. In 2020 he vetoed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. This bill protected children who miraculously survive an abortion (he allowed it to go into law without his signature in 2021). Gov. Beshear also allowed abortion clinics to remain open during the Covid shut down, while liquor stores and casinos were allowed remain open. 

The person who governs Kentucky matters. Their character, principles, what they stand for, and who they stand with is important. Daniel Cameron is the man who’s proven that he is best able to lead Kentucky for the next four years. 

My friends in Kentucky, I ask that you please vote Daniel Cameron tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7.