Director of Content and Engagement, Commonwealth Policy Center

The Kentucky General Assembly passed four pro-life bills in this past session, totaling out to a whopping eight pro-life bills under Gov. Bevin’s administration. This is an unprecedented stretch of pro-life legislation. Kentucky’s pregnancy care centers outnumber abortion clinics sixty to one. Kentucky has become arguably the most pro-life state in the Union thanks to the leadership of the conservative legislators and Gov. Bevin’s commitment to protecting life.

Gov. Bevin was the keynote speaker at this year’s rally for life at the Kentucky Capitol Building where he asked, “I would submit to you, does our nation deserve the justice we pray for if we continue to kill our children for the inconvenience they might bring to our lives?” Many in Kentucky share the governor’s belief that all life should be protected. So, what are we doing to make this a reality?

We can vote for pro-life candidates but unfortunately, it’s expected that voter turnout in tomorrow’s election will be twelve percent. Elections matter when it comes to restoring the sanctity of life.

Consider that State Sen. Robby Mills was the main sponsor of Senate Bill 50. Which required chemical abortions to be reported to the State Department of Vital Statistics. It also requires abortion providers to inform the patient that if they change their mind early in the process, there may be a way to reverse a chemical abortion. As a result of this legislation, at least one abortion pill reversal process has been started.

This bill is the result of Kentuckians’ desire to elect pro-lifelegislators. “Many times, women regret the decision to abort their child. SB 50 gives life giving information to the chemical abortion patient that could help them reverse the effects of the chemical abortion and give their baby a second chance at life,” said Mills. “I am convinced this information will save babies and keep mothers from carrying the burden of abortion with them for the rest of their life.”

This legislation may not have come to fruition had the 4thDistrict not decided to elect Sen. Mills. Mills beat incumbent Dorsey Ridley who identified as pro-life but did little to advance the cause. All it took was 611 votes to give women the second chance they deserve and to potentially save an unborn human life. This underscores the importance of voting.

In Daviess County, proven pro-life incumbent D.J. Johnson lost to Rep. Jim Glenn by one vote last election. As a result, Rep. Glenn abstained from voting on every pro-life bill that was brought before the House of Representatives this session even though his district is a pro-life majority.

While most people don’t make the trip to the voting booth until the presidency is on the ballot, state elections impact people more directly than national elections. With tomorrow’s primary, it is more important than ever to get to the polls and to remind your friends and family to do the same. Actions speak louder than words, and while voicing your opinion on social media may sway opinion your vote has a chance to save lives.