Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The Kentucky Farm Bureau hosts a breakfast at the Kentucky state fair every year where country Ham is served up along with other local farm products. Dignitaries speak and attendees meet, greet and mingle at this popular event provided by Kentucky's largest insurer. Despite the festive atmosphere, Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville isn't happy. Instead of purchasing a table, as he's done for the past nine years, he'll be protesting along with the Kentucky Fairness Campaign. Last year the leader of the Fairness Campaign was arrested for obstructing the event.

This year, Yarmuth is protesting along with the Fairness Campaign protesting because Farm Bureau supports marriage between one man and one woman and embraces other conservative policies. Yarmuth said he doesn't “think they should be involved in these issues that are unrelated to farming." If that's true, why isn't Yarmuth protesting businesses that embrace liberal policies outside of their respective field? Truth is, everyone should be allowed to publicly embrace policies they believe are good and wholesome, and this includes KFB.