Why Are Cubans Protesting? The Answer Should be Obvious

By Staff


July 21, 2021

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The commentator at NPR asked, “Why are Cubans protesting in the streets?” The answer should be obvious to all except for those on the far left that esteem authoritarian governments that promise to provide everything for citizens. Free healthcare, free housing, free education, food, and jobs. Of course, that’s all provided for the Cubans by their government. But the Cuban government hasn’t really delivered. Cubans are protesting in the streets because of food and medicine shortages. In fact, economic conditions in Cuba have been intolerable for decades. On top of that, Cuban citizens have no freedom of speech, press, or assembly as we enjoy here. So to put it quite plainly, this is why Cubans are protesting. And the U.S. government should commend and support them.


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