Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Virginia's new attorney general, Mark Herring, is set to announce on Thursday that his office will challenge Virginia's 2004 constitutional amendment that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Herring's announcement reiterates a truth for those that don't participate in elections yet grow frustrated at government undermining the peoples' will: Elections have consequences. 

Citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky should know that what's happening in Virginia could just as well happen here in Kentucky, especially given the Democratic-impulse to summarily dismiss natural marriage and the desire to be "on the rights side of history," a phrase that Herring is set to use in his announcement. 

Though Kentucky possesses a marriage protection amendment like Virginia's, the bedrock security supposedly found in the Constitution is not safe, especially when the Courts step in and undermine the will of the people to decide for themselves what is or isn't a marriage.