Commonwealth Policy Center

The University of Louisville was named among America’s “Best of the Best” LGBTQ-friendly universities in 2020. This is the result of several years of promoting the LGBTQ cause via official university policy. UofL dedicates an office to LGBTQ services. It became the first university in the nation to endow a chair in LGBT studies. In fact, in 2019, it created a minor in LGBT studies. The medical school curriculum is infused with LGBT competencies. It added transgender rights in its campus nondiscrimination policy, has an LGBT-themed housing community, and even offers an LGBT-themed study-abroad experience. With all the promotion of LGBTQ, identities has anyone asked whether embracing such life choices is good and healthy? Is it the way our Creator designed us to live? UofL is publicly funded and should benefit all, but as an institution of higher learning, before it charts a new moral course, it should first ask whether that course will help Kentuckians arrive at what is true, beautiful, good, and leads to human flourishing.