Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Today is Christmas Day.  It’s a long expected day… not because the stores have been playing Christmas music since Labor Day…but because Christmas reminds us of love, peace and hope.  You see, we didn’t invent Christmas, God did.  He designed it to deliver love and goodness to humanity.  In the second chapter of the New Testament Gospel of Luke we see a group of common shepherds that receive an uncommon surprise.  While tending their sheep on the first Christmas evening…the heavens rolled back and the sky was filled with angels.  These heavenly messengers rejoiced as they shared the news of Jesus’ birth…which they said was an indication of God’s desire to have peace with man.  They called the birth of Jesus good news…and Heaven knows we can use some good news these days.  Merry Christmas from the Commonwealth Policy Center!  We pray you’ll find peace today and in the New Year through the love of Jesus.