TN Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

By Staff


June 7, 2021

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Are you concerned about what your children are taught in school? Maybe they’ve been learning that America is irredeemably racist? Well, that won’t happen in Tennessee. That’s because they’ve become the latest state to ban what is known as Critical Race theory—which teaches that America is steeped in racism. Gov. Bill Lee says that students should learn “the exceptionalism of our nation,” not things that “inherently divide” people. A similar bill (BR 60) has been introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly by State Rep. Joe Fischer (R-Ft Thomas). If this bill is passed, teachers cannot teach that an individual, “by virtue of the individual’s race… is inherently privileged, racist, or oppressive.” There have been racial injustices in America’s history. But we’re a melting pot of races, and we’ve worked through racial injustice to become a more perfect union. And that’s what our kids should be learning.

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  1. Richard

    If you had ever bothered to study Black history or even Project 1619 you would know that the issues are not with blame. The history I have studied is fact. I have lived all over the United States. I spent many years in the south. There is and has been division in this country since America was discovered and is still here today. You speak about truth yet you have missed what is going on in front of you. Our country is racist and if you or any one else can’t own up to it I pray for your conscious. I read where you like to write about statistics concerning marijuana, gay marriage, even Covid-19. Well take a look at the black statistics and try to justify in your heart that something isn’t wrong. I did, and I could not…


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