Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Some say they simply will not vote this election. Nominees of the two major political parties are unacceptable in their eyes and as a matter of protest, they just won't vote. If you're in that category, please allow me to persuade you to rethink that position. For starters, let's set aside the presidential race. Consider that there are many other offices up for election: U.S. Senate, Congress, State House and Senate, State Supreme Court and City Council. These are all important offices and there are many good people vying to lead. Those offices and the good candidates seeking election are worth your time in going to the polls. There's another reason to vote for Congressional candidates, especially if you are wary of either presidential candidate making it into the White House. Congress keeps a check on the president. They can override his executive orders and challenge his policies. The U.S. Senate confirms judges and if a president crosses the line and engages in illegal activity, the U.S. House can bring about articles of impeachment.

Now, regarding the presidential race, keep in mind that you are not voting for a king. Nor  are not voting for the savior of this country. You are voting for a mere mortal—and even the best is flawed. You are voting for the executive of this nation and the commander in chief of our military. The president surrounds himself with many advisors and many cabinet members. They will appoint thousands in executive agency positions and nominate judges to the federal bench.  So ask yourself, which candidate best lines up with your values?  What does their respective party platform stand for? What kind of people are they most likely to appoint in positions of authority? Will our country be better off with one candidate over another? After asking these questions, you may still find that your conscience still won't allow you to vote in the presidential race. Whatever your resolve might be in the presidential election, please plan to go to the polls on Nov. 8 and vote for other worthy candidates. The nation might not depend on any one person to govern us but it depends on solid leaders serving in other levels of government and it takes responsible citizens to vote them in.