Commonwealth Policy Center

Every culture embraces what it believes to be true and necessary for people to prosper. Our culture today is rejecting those things that have been widely accepted as true and important to human flourishing. What does it mean to be male/female as an image bears of God? What is marriage and what does it mean to flourish as human beings? Today’s culture says that male/female is a social construct. Marriage is simply based on human desire. And human flourishing according to relativists means to throw off moral restraint and seek self actualization—whatever that means. Re-ordering of biological, sociological, and moral truth has profound implications for all of us. Os Guinness said that in order to have freedom and human flourishing, we must say “no” to certain things, including false and harmful ideas that would hamstring true freedom. “When everything is tolerable, nothing will be true and when nothing is true, no one will be free.”