Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Sometimes not doing the right thing can be just as telling as doing what should be done. The United States Senate's recent inability to pass legislation which would have barred all federal funding of Planned Parenthood has to be viewed as failure of monumental proportions. If ever there was enough evidence to justify taking public money away from the nation's largest provider of abortions, now would certainly mark the time. Hidden camera videos released to the public showing officials from the organization discussing how organs from the bodies of aborted fetuses are now public record, but even these were not enough to convince certain members of the Senate that the dollars of U.S. taxpayers should not be directed toward a group which generates millions of dollars on its own each year. If the literal harvesting of body part from aborted babies is not enough to get the attention of our elected officials, what is? It is time to end the ridiculous practice of publicly funding such organizations that are in any way involved with such procedures and the ghoulish piracy of human organs. U.S. senators who stand by the organization in their defense will one day give an account. If not to the voters, then certainly to the One to whom each of us will give an accounting.